The Springfield Daily Citizen is committed to transparency in funding for our organization.

Accepting financial support does not mean we endorse donors or their products, services or opinions.

On May 4, 2022, we received notice that the Internal Revenue Service had approved our application for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, retroactive to Aug. 20, 2021. (Access a copy of our notification letter here.)

We accept gifts, grants and sponsorships from individuals, organizations and foundations to help with our general operations, coverage of specific topics and special projects. Consistent with our nonprofit status, we operate as a public trust and we may not pay certain taxes. We may receive funds from standard government programs offered to nonprofits or similar businesses.

Our news judgments are made independently — not based on or influenced by donors or any revenue source. We do not give supporters the rights to assign, review or edit content.

At a minimum, to be consistent with reporting requirements on the IRS Form 990 Return for Organizations Exempt from Income Tax, we make public all donors who have made a gift or pledge of $5,000 or more recorded in a single year.

See our 2021 Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax (Form 990)

Please see our Partnerships section for a list of local businesses and organizations that are investing in the Daily Citizen and helping to underwrite our mission to produce independent, impartial, fair, and unbiased reporting

As a news nonprofit, we seek to avoid accepting charitable donations — other than through subscriptions or similar programs available to the general public — from anonymous sources, government entities, political parties, elected officials or candidates seeking public office. With approval of our board, donations may be accepted from people who formerly served in elected office, as well as from people who (after the gift has been recorded) choose to seek elected office. We will not accept donations from sources who, deemed by our board of directors, present a conflict of interest with our work or compromise our independence.

If you are interested in supporting the start-up fundraising campaign for the Daily Citizen, link here to more information and a pledge form.

Donors of $5,000 or more

Reflects gifts and pledges of $5,000 or more recorded in a single year, consistent with Schedule B of IRS Form 990.

(Alphabetical listing, updated Oct. 11, 2022)

  • Jim and Janet Anderson
  • Arvest Foundation
  • Kate Baird and Mike Stevens (The La Boda Fund)
  • Rob and Sally Baird Fund
  • Thomas H. and Josephine Baird Memorial Fund
  • Tom and Jamie Baird
  • Jim Baker
  • Annie Busch
  • Thomas J. Carlson
  • Joe and Marie Carmichael
  • James Leon Combs
  • Mark and Mary Eck
  • Thomas and Kay Finnie Fund
  • Fogle Family Fund
  • Rob and Cindy Fulp
  • Great Southern Bank
  • Sam F. and June S. Hamra
  • Hal Higdon
  • Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hoeman
  • Jeff Hutchens/Hutchens Industries
  • Kim and Fritz Jacobi
  • John and Kerry Jungmann
  • Mike and Beverly Keltner
  • Kelly and Louise Knauer
  • John E. Moore Jr.
  • David and Stacey O’Reilly
  • Eric Peterson
  • Thomas and Kimberly Prater Family Fund
  • M. Suzanne Shaw
  • Gail and Clif Smart
  • SMC Packaging Group/Southern Missouri Containers Inc.
  • Stephen H. Snead
  • SRC Holdings Corp.
  • Earl A. Steinert Jr.
  • David Stoeffler
  • Turner Family Foundation
  • Michael and Nancy White
  • Tal and Rosalie O’Reilly Wooten Family Foundation Fund

Donors giving less than $5,000

Note: Donors giving less than $5,000 may choose to be omitted from this list.

(Alphabetical listing updated Oct. 11, 2022)

  • Jim Atteberry
  • Dr. John and Roseann Bentley
  • Barbara Bolton
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Christiansen
  • Jerry Clark Quinn
  • Lynn S. Cline
  • Andy Dalton
  • Kara DeBacker
  • Eric Eckert
  • Miranda Eudaly
  • Galanes Family Foundation
  • Ella Goeppinger
  • Judi Kamien
  • Winter and Marshall Kinne Family Fund
  • Kay Logsdon
  • John F. Monaghan
  • Daniel Moser
  • Larry Murphy
  • David B. Offer
  • Betty and Todd Parnell
  • Nicholas Rodenberg
  • Peter Salter
  • Ted Smith
  • Stephanie Stenger
  • Charles and Jan Taylor
  • John Twitty
  • Ronnie Willis
  • Rusty Worley
  • John Wyrsch