Voting location at 3111 E. Battlefield Road. (Photo by Steve Pokin)

The Greene County Clerk, Shane Schoeller, said voting locations for the upcoming election need some extra staffing. The county clerk’s office needs 35 more backup election judges before the Aug. 2 election.

Backup election judges are in Schoeller’s system specifically for when a regular election judge calls off. Schoeller anticipates election judges calling off over a period of three to four days before the election.

Shane Schoeller

The job of an election judge is to check in a voter, make sure they are at the right polling place and initial all ballots to make sure they are accounted for, according to Schoeller. 

Backup election judges are not guaranteed that they will get to serve, but they receive $85 if they go through training and receive a $115 stipend if they serve on election day, according to the Greene County website. 

Schoeller said this shortage is a typical pattern. 

“There’s not as much attention given [to elections] during odd-numbered years unless there’s some contention on the ballot,” Schoeller said on a call with the Citizen Tuesday.

Interested in becoming a backup election judge?

  1. Fill out an online application Greene County website.
  2. Contact your local party chair to increase your chances of being asked to serve.

Abigail Zajac

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