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The redistricting that took place during the most recent legislative session in Jefferson City rearranged voting districts across the state,  so we’re here to help you figure out which area you live in — and who will be on the ballots.

It can be confusing to distinguish between all of the candidates during election season, especially the primaries, and especially in urban centers like Springfield. It’s common for locals to commute in and out of different districts daily, encountering campaign ads that may or may not be relevant to their ballots.

The Springfield Daily Citizen will be providing coverage of several local races to keep an eye on, but some campaigns will be more or less applicable to voters depending on location.

Let’s take a look at the newly updated legislative maps:

New Missouri Senatorial Districts

Updated statewide senatorial districts. (Source: Office of Administration)

As is customary after a once-in-a-decade census, district lines were redrawn. Missouri’s new state senatorial district map is drastically different from its previous one. For example, the former District 20 encompasses all of Christian County and much of Greene County, excluding most of Springfield. Now, District 20 consists of similar areas in Greene County (with some exceptions, notably southeast and north-center of the city), and the entirety of Webster, Dade and Barton counties.

Senate District 20

Old district map (left) vs. new 2022 district map

Drag the slider left and right to compare the two maps.

Source: Office of Administration

Springfieldians that live deep within the city won’t have much to worry about in terms of changing districts, but those who live near or around the city limits should look closely.

The candidates: The Senate District 20 race includes Brian Gelner, the owner and operator of the Heart of America Beverage Company, and House District 133 incumbent Representative Curtis Trent, both of whom are running as Republicans in the Aug. 2 primary. There are no Democrats running in this district.

Senate District 30

Old district map (left) vs. new 2022 district map

Drag the slider left and right to compare the two maps.

Source: Office of Administration

Notable areas of significant gains and losses occur in the southeast and northwest. For example, residents that live near Lake Springfield to the south or Doling Park to the north may be voting in Senate District 30 this year, rather than District 20.

Similarly, some residents near Battlefield and northeast of the Springfield-Branson National Airport may find themselves in District 20 in lieu of District 30.

The candidates: Senate District 30 will feature incumbent Senator Lincoln Hough seeking reelection and former Springfield Councilwoman Angela Romine on the Republican ballot, and local employment attorney Raymond Lampert on the Democratic ballot.

New Missouri House Districts

Updated Missouri House districts. (Source: Office of Administration)

Greene County is home to eight of Missouri’s 163 state House districts (130-137). The Office of Administration has updated maps of each House district, and the Secretary of State John R. (Jay) Ashcroft’s website can help voters hone in on what candidates will be on their respective ballots.   

The Secretary of State website encourages people to “confirm your polling place with your county clerk or board of election.” (See Greene County voting information here.)

Two local House races are uncontested, meaning incumbents Bishop Davidson (District 130) and Bill Owen (District 131) will be re-elected without opposition Nov. 8.

In District 137, new district maps meant incumbent John Black was moved into District 129, and he is seeking re-election there. As a result, two Republicans are competing in the Aug. 2 primary in District 137: Tom Barr, of Springfield, will face Darin Chappell, of Rogersville. (Watch for Daily Citizen coverage of this race coming soon.)

The other five House districts will be contested, but none of them have a party primary on Aug. 2. The candidates in the Nov. 8 election are:

  • House District 132 — Incumbent Democrat Crystal Quade, of Springfield, faces Republican Stephanos Freeman, of Springfield.
  • House District 133 — This district is being vacated by Republican Curtis Trent, who is running for state Senate. Republican Melanie Stinnett, of Springfield, faces Democrat Amy Blansit, of Springfield.
  • House District 134 — Incumbent Republican Alex Riley, of Springfield, is challenged by Democrat Samantha Deaton, of Battlefield.
  • House District 135 — Incumbent Democrat Betsy Fogle, of Springfield, faces Republican A.J. Exner, of Springfield.
  • House District 136 — Incumbent Republican Craig Fishel, of Springfield, will be challenged by Democrat Stephanie Hein, of Springfield.

More specific details about requirements and considerations that go into redistricting can be found here

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