Michael Gann. (Photo from Greene County Sheriff's Office Facebook page)

A man was killed in a law enforcement-involved shooting on Friday morning after Greene County deputies were dispatched to a gas station on West Sunshine.

Law enforcement was called to check on an alleged suspect in a stealing at the Briarwood One Stop gas station at 5092 W. Sunshine St., according to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

When the deputies arrived, one of the alleged suspects, Erin Houston, 41, fled toward an abandoned house on the opposite side of the street.  In the house, deputies located the additional stealing suspect, Michael Gann, 43.

Gann was armed, and placed his gun against his own head. After failing to comply with the deputies orders, he lunged toward them with the gun. The deputies then discharged their weapons at the suspect. Gann was pronounced dead on scene.

Houston was taken into custody with outstanding warrants and probable cause for trespassing, stealing and burglary.

The investigation is ongoing.

Erin Houston. (Photo from Greene County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page)