The cast and crew of "Snap" on location during the 2023 SATO48 film competition. Competitors had 48 hours to produce a short film from conceptualization to completion. (Photo by Carly Randles)

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Springfield filmmakers competed for 48 hours. Winners have been chosen and it is time for their recognition Saturday.

June 3, the awards ceremony for SATO48 will happen at 6 p.m. Winning filmmakers will get to see their films on screen and receive their award or prize. This event will take place at the Gillioz Theatre in Springfield.

SATO48 has been around for 18 years and was founded by Jeff Clinkenbeard and Kyaw Tha Hla. It is a 48-hour film competition, where filmmakers have to create a short film from start to finish, and it has to be their original work.

According to Clinkenbeard, “The number of teams who registered, those are the people who took the first great leap and said I think I can do this, I think I can be a contender and that number was 74.” 

However, of the 74 registered teams, only 62 films were shown at the Moxie Theatre in Springfield. “Every year since 2006,” Clinkenbeard said, “the same percentage, no matter how many teams sign up, the same percentage do not deliver.” 

The cast and crew of “Snap” on location during the 2023 SATO48 film competition. The team missed the contest’s 48-hour deadline. (Photo by Carly Randles)

Of the 62 films that were submitted, 10 of the films were submitted after the deadline. Late submissions are ineligible for any awards or prizes.

“There will be 14 short films shown as part of the ‘Oscars of the Ozarks’ best of the fest,” Clinkenbeard said.

There will be 12 awards and 4 prizes presented at the ceremony. 

“Awards are highly adjudicated, it goes through selection committee members who are local people who love film and want to contribute to a community event and have been given some instruction on what their field of judging is,” Clinkenbeard said.

The prizes are provided by sponsors. Clinkenbeard and Hla do not judge any of the films. 

“We select the people at arms length who will select the films and judge the films, and we tell them if you personally know the person who made this film or who’s in it, we ask them to find a substitute for that particular block,” Clinkenbeard said. “So that there is not even a hint of impropriety.”

SATO48 is now a resident company of the Gillioz Center for Arts and Entertainment. Both Clinkenbeard and Hla are thrilled for the new journey and the best of the fest.

Doors for the grand event will open at 4:30 p.m. and the show will begin at 6 p.m. Tickets for individuals will cost $10. To purchase tickets and ensure you have a seat for the show, go to the Gillioz Theatre website.

Carly Randles

Carly Randles is a general assignment intern at the Springfield Daily Citizen. She is a senior at Missouri State University studying journalism, and most recently was the behind the scenes photographer for a film competition. More by Carly Randles