A photograph of the Grand Falls waterfall
You'll be able to see artwork from LaDonna Greiner as well as get a copy of her new book "I’m Here for a Purpose" during First Friday Art Walk May 5. (Photo: First Friday Art Walk)

First Friday Art Walk gives you three opportunities to meet authors and get your books signed May 5 in downtown Springfield.

A total of 12 venues will be open for May’s First Friday Art Walk, a monthly effort in which galleries and businesses line up arts-related events across downtown Springfield. The public is encouraged to walk downtown and pop into many of the galleries in what organizers call a “self-guided tour.” Venues are open for variable hours between 5 and 10 p.m.

Author LaDonna Greiner to appear at Formed, Park Central Library

Two of the three author-meeting opportunities are with LaDonna Greiner. She’ll start the evening at Formed: An Artist Collective (210 E. Walnut St.) from 6-7 p.m. She is showing an exhibition of her photography work as well as promoting her book “I’m Here for a Purpose.”

“Imagine being lost in the Missouri wilderness on a cold January night during a five-hour thunderstorm,” a press release reads. “Now, imagine living to tell the tale. Ozarks Photographer LaDonna Greiner doesn’t have to imagine it. She experienced it! Lost and soaked to the skin, she manage to survive the night and find her way to civilization.”

A woman poses for a photograph while holding a camera
LaDonna Greiner is the author of “I’m Here for a Purpose” and a local photographer. (Photo: First Friday Art Walk)

Guests at Formed will be able to meet Greiner and get their copy of her book signed while they enjoy refreshments. Tony Menown will provide live music.

Can’t make it to Formed? You can also see Greiner at the Park Central Branch Library (128 Park Central Square) starting at 7 p.m. She’ll showcase her work “Ozarks Barns, Backroads & Byways” and present “The Story Behind the Photo.” She will also be available to sign copies of “I’m Here for a Purpose.”

See artist and author Nancy Dornan at Fresh Gallery

Nancy Dornan is the featured artist this month at Fresh Gallery (401 N. Boonville). Dornan is showcasing her new palette knife series “A New Direction.” She’ll also be signing her new book, “I Married an Immigrant.”

“In 2009, (Dornan) decided to learn how to paint,” a press release reads. “Nancy started taking classes and workshops and has explored a variety of mediums and styles. She loves to explore color and texture in myriad subjects, from foods to travel experiences to light shimmering on water or light reflecting on a city scene. Bold colors and bold textures appeal to Nancy. The tactile nature of her work requires many different tools, sometimes to the exclusion of traditional brushes.”

BookMarx features poster design from Josh Mayfield

Posters from Josh Mayfield will be on display in the gallery space at BookMarx (325 E. Walnut St., Ste. 101). He is a visual artist, musician and organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation in Springfield.

“His recent work in poster design revolves heavily around his organizing, aiming to create art that inspires and empowers the working class, as well as brings light to injustices,” a press release reads. “His most recent work focuses on the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people and on opposing the most recent attempts by the U.S. to stoke the flames of war.”

A brightly-colored poster featuring a woman looking straight ahead
Posters from Josh Mayfield will be on display at BookMarx during the May First Friday Art Walk. (Photo: First Friday Art Walk)

The Downtown Church hosts its first party of 2023

Families won’t want to miss The Downtown Church (413 E. Walnut St.), which is hosting its first party of the year, from 6-8 p.m. There you can find popcorn, lemonade, kids’ activities and live music from Deja Crew.

Other venues for May’s First Friday Art Walk are:

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