Living in Fear- Website Square
(Illustration by Andie Bottrell)

Domestic violence is a black eye for Springfield and Greene County. It affects thousands of lives here every year — yet a major obstacle to addressing it is that many people still don’t believe it’s widespread or much of an issue.

In a special investigative report beginning May 8, the Springfield Daily Citizen will explore the far-reaching and insidious nature of domestic abuse in our community.

Reporters Steve Pokin and Jackie Rehwald have done an extensive series of interviews and reviewed nearly 400 court cases — and 150 probable cause statements — involving domestic violence charges filed during 2022 in Greene County. 

The kickoff to the series, coming May 8, will summarize findings from two original databases created by the Daily Citizen to analyze court cases, including details about the perpetrators and looking at the level of charges filed by prosecutors, as well as the outcome of cases thus far.

Living in Fear will be presented in four parts over the next two months:

  • Part I: Black eye for Greene County, published May 8-11, looks at the depth and breadth of the problem here.
  • Part II: Obstacles to leaving, to be published in late May, will examine the dynamics and complications facing victims looking to leave abusive relationships.
  • Part III: Systemic issues, to be published in early June, puts a focus on the criminal justice system and potential shortcomings.
  • Part IV: Searching for solutions, to be published in late June, taps local, regional and national experts in search of ways to improve the system and reduce domestic violence.

The series will include information and resources on where to get help — or how to provide help, including what you should do if you suspect someone close to you is experiencing some form of sexual or domestic violence.

The Daily Citizen also will be engaging readers and community leaders in conversations about the issues as part of our commitment to informing the community and being a catalyst for good.

If you have questions or suggestions about the Living in Fear series, you may contact Chief Executive Officer David Stoeffler at or call 417-837-3664.