Tyson J. Fairley (Greene County Jail)

A man who pretended to be an Uber driver and gave an intoxicated woman a ride home in 2018, then followed her into her residence and sexually assaulted her was found guilty Monday.

Circuit Judge Thomas Mountjoy found Tyson J. Fairley, 38, guilty of rape and sodomy. Sentencing is set for Aug. 5.

Fairley had picked up a group of women in a Missouri State University parking lot near a bar and then attacked the last woman he dropped off that night.

The charging document states the victim was “incapable of consent because of intoxication and was known by defendant to be unable to make a reasonable judgment.”

Mountjoy had presided over Fairley’s bench trial — as opposed to a jury trial — in December.

Fairley had been released on bail pending the verdict but was taken into custody after the court hearing Monday.

According to a 2018 story in the Springfield News-Leader, Fairley allegedly gave one of the women a business card identifying himself as a driver for Uber and Lyft named “Jay.” Both companies said he did not work for them. Police say they traced the phone number on the card to Fairley.

In addition, Fairley was charged in 2018 in connection with a similar assault of a different woman in a different month that year.

The charge involving this woman alleged that he offered her a free ride after she left a bar and once she got in his vehicle he pulled into a parking lot, moved next to her and groped her through her clothing.

She reportedly stopped him by hitting him in the face with her elbow.

Prosecutors dropped the charge of sexual abuse involving the second woman in December.

Steve Pokin

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