A message of anti-Semitic hate was left in the driveways of a subdivision Sunday morning. The rice is used to give the bag weight. (Photo by Steve Pokin)


by Carl Haworth and Jessie Janet Gleason Haworth, Springfield

The Interfaith Alliance of the Ozarks (IAO) condemns the spreading of anti-Semitic literature recently in a neighborhood near Springfield. We urge the community to report activities spreading hate and misinformation.

The members of IAO also wish to extend condolences to the families and the Islamic community in Albuquerque, N.M., following the murders of four Muslim men. We stand united with our fellow religions in expressing love for all of God’s people as did He. The IAO upholds and affirms its mission to promote interfaith connection in support of religious freedom, human rights and diverse cultures.

The IAO believes that all people deserve mutual understanding, respect, and trust and urge faith groups in the Ozarks to love and help each other. In this difficult time, we challenge ourselves and those who stand with us to support and serve those of different faiths, races and cultures.

Carl Haworth and Jessie Janet Gleason Haworth are Facilitators of Interfaith Alliance of the Ozarks.