The Library Center (Photo by Sony Hocklander)


by Kathleen Murnan, Springfield

We have a terrific library system that is very responsive to the needs of the reading public. There are many more areas that Missouri could use inspection and assessment instead of putting another layer of government to evaluate a library system that is successful. If the Secretary of State’s office has spare time, look at our prison and corrections system.

Librarians have the education and experience to make the decisions that have caused your concern. Maturity rather than age is a much better criterion. Our librarians have the skills to assess the needs of our readers. It is doubtful that the people administering the policy would have the skills that our librarians possess. An old Ozark saying may apply in this situation: “Government policy — If it ain’t broke, fix it ’til it is.”

Please use the Secretary of State’s resources for things that need to be evaluated instead of our Library system that is doing a great job of meeting the needs of Missourians.