by Sue Skidmore, Springfield

Life on Earth is complex with a complex system of overlapping ecosystems.  These basic ecosystems are our life support systems on Earth. 

If we live in harmony with these life-giving systems, life on Earth will flourish.  If we abuse these natural systems with chemical poisons and pollutants, and/or intrusive development physical impacts such as drilling, sound and impervious paving, that will negatively impact our support systems.  These negative impacts adversely affect the ecosystem’s ability to function. 

In the overlapping ecosystem which provides recreation for humans, the negative impacts would prevent humans’ ability to recreate, revitalize, regenerate, and rejuvenate. 

It is up to citizens to ensure we act responsibly and therefore any development in Springfield should be in accordance with nature in order to be of mutual benefit to mankind not to profiteer from the land. 

Therefore the development as it is proposed now for Galloway would be inappropriate.  Vote No on rezoning Question 1.