by David Welde, Springfield

This letter is in support of the City of Springfield purchasing Hammons Field and making the needed improvements to keep the Springfield Cardinals a tenant on a long-term lease.

Owning Hammons field will also allow MSU to continue to have a first-class facility for their Division I baseball program, which is also important to Springfield. I know there would be a cost to purchase and renovate the stadium, but the costs would be worthwhile when you consider the attraction of the Springfield Cardinals and the visitors that the Cardinals and MSU bring to Springfield in the form of money spent on hotels, meals, gasoline and other expenses while visiting Springfield.

If the City could also purchase the parking lot directly south of Hammons Field across Trafficway and institute a reasonable parking fee, I believe attendance would improve at the games as the current cost of parking is more than tickets to the game(s). We are blessed to have this wonderful stadium as home of the Double-A affiliate Springfield Cardinals and we should do everything possible within reason to ensure that Springfield and area residents can continue to watch exciting baseball for years to come!

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