Digital Monitoring Products employees and family members pause for a photo during the company's 2019 Summer Summit week when they packed food at Convoy of Hope. (Photo courtesy of Digital Monitoring Products)


Over the past few years, I’ve become good friends with a couple who are salt-of-the-earth people. You know that type of person who when you leave their presence, you’re challenged to be better, kinder, and more generous? 

I remember being at their house when they told me they were challenged to do more and to give more. I thought to myself: “Seriously? You already do so much, how can you do even more?”

In 2018, this couple was challenged by Jim Collins’ book, “Good to Great,” in which he asks everyone to make a big hairy audacious goal (BHAG). Naturally one would think this BHAG is to generate more revenue or to sell more products. Well, not for Rick and Jan Britton, who own Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), a Springfield-based security manufacturing company where generosity is part of their culture and company values. 

The DMP leadership promotes a lifestyle of generosity by making individual and corporate commitments. Each year during DMP’s annual Christmas charity event, they generously bless people and organizations. The DMP team wanted to give more and do more for others, so how could DMP create a BHAG that allows their DMP family to reach the world, their community, and their neighbors? 

Their conclusion … What if they committed to give away $100 million in six years?


Rick Britton, CEO of DMP, announced in 2019 their company-wide BHAG. With great excitement and applause — well… and maybe some nervousness — everyone was on board. This goal would be met by encouraging personal contributions and hands-on donations of time and talent, as well as through company profits because of their hard labor. This new goal took their generosity to a whole new level.

Ready to tackle this big mountain, the DMP family was eager to see how this could happen in just six years.

I’m a numbers girl and I too love lofty goals. However, committing to give away $100 million in six years is $16,666,666 each year. Breaking that down further, it’s $1,388,888 each month. When you hear numbers this size, one naturally thinks of annual revenue or even profits, but not a company and team committed and willing to give away this amount.

Who would’ve known that in 2020, during DMP’s big hairy audacious journey, a pandemic would hit and in 2021 supply chain shortages would affect companies world-wide. For many, these would have been perfect excuses to put the brakes on such a hefty goal. However, if you know Rick and Jan, they never take their eyes off of the target, nor let something as formidable as a pandemic and supply chain shortages stop them. They make decisions according to their values and faith, believing that if God called them and their company to give, He will supply.

Brad Butler, director of information technology for Digital Monitoring Products, helps rebuild benches during the company’s 2021 Summer Summit volunteer night at Pleasant View K-8 School. (Photo courtesy of Digital Monitoring Products)

Rick, Jan, and the DMP family never took their foot off of the pedal and didn’t let the grim daily news affect their BHAG. They boldly and confidently kept giving and volunteering, knowing their BHAG can’t happen without the profits each DMP member is instrumental in giving. They knew that their company had God’s favor on it, and what better way to honor God than to give what He has blessed?

To much surprise and celebration, what they originally thought would take six years took only three, and by the end of December 2021, DMP had met its goal. Humbly, Rick made the announcement, “Every bit of that money was from your labor and we can’t do it without you. We appreciate every single minute that you’re here, every day that you get up and come in, contributing all of your hard work. Well, that’s an enormous amount, $112,875,250.”

Along with giving over $112 million in 3 years, the team also volunteered 10,103 hours. See more here about how DMP met their goal.

Southwest Missouri has been greatly affected by the generosity of the DMP family. The stories of changed lives, generations affected, and secured families have truly strengthened our neighborhoods, community, and world.

DMP family: you made a big hairy audacious goal and met it! You’ve challenged me to be more generous and to think bigger. How can we, as citizens of Springfield and the surrounding areas, embrace the DMP generosity culture and make it a part of our work and lifestyle? What big hairy audacious goal can we set to impact our community, neighbors, and world? 

I believe it begins with “what if” and then, “Nah, that’s not big enough!”

Julie Higgins

Julie G. Higgins is a Springfield entrepreneur and a partner in Higgins Business Consulting. Her mantra is: “Teach with your life.” Follow her on Twitter: @julieGhiggins or email her at: More by Julie Higgins