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Living in Fear Part I: Black eye for Greene County

Living in Fear Part II: Obstacles to leaving


Podcast: Behind the scenes of Living in Fear

Daily Citizen reporters Jackie Rehwald and Steve Pokin join Tom to discuss their investigation of domestic violence in Greene County. While abuse affects thousands of lives here every year, many people still don’t believe it’s widespread or much of an issue. LISTEN HERE.

Steve Pokin and Jackie Rehwald

Living in Fear Part III: Systemic issues

Living in Fear Part IV: Searching for solutions

9 ways to help those who are Living in Fear

Several changes in state law, better use of existing laws and stronger efforts to enforce potential federal penalties against abusers are among the top nine solutions offered in the course of interviews with 55 sources contacted by the Springfield Daily Citizen in its six-month investigation into domestic violence.


Podcast: Helping women get back on their feet after domestic abuse

Christina Ford and In Our Town Host Tom Carlson discuss her experience with abuse and how her Rebound Foundation helps women get back on their feet. LISTEN HERE

Christina Ford

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previous daily citizen coverage on domestic abuse

Fewer spots will be permanent at Harmony House amid program revamp

Harmony House, Greene County’s only shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children, has been operating at reduced capacity the past two years to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Despite having to turn more victims away, the staff at Harmony House discovered they are now able to increase and improve the quality of services…

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